What Watch Does Jason Bourne Wear?

Jason Bourne is the antihero fictional character featured in The Bourne Trilogy movies namely: The Bourne Identity released in 2002,  The Bourne Supremacy released in 2004, The Bourne Ultimatum released in 2007, The Bourne Legacy released in 2012 and Jason Bourne released in 2016.

These movies were adapted from Robert Ludlum’s novels although with major modifications. Jason Bourne’s role has been played by Matt Damon in four of the five sequences. In the Bourne Identity and the Bourne Supremacy, Jason Bourne wears a Tag Heuer Link Chronograph, a model from 2001 with the number CT1111.BA0550. In the Bourne Ultimatum, the watch is featured very few times. Here are details regarding this watch:

TAG Heuer Link Chronograph CT1111.BA0550

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This is an analog quartz watch made in Switzerland. It has a black dial, a link band, is water resistant up to 200 meters under water, has a silver stainless steel case and has a scratch resistant sapphire crystal.

I own this watch and what I love so much about it is that you can throw it against a wall and it won’t scratch. I also love the design where the hands are in perfect alignment with the dial markings. Additionally, I can wear it with any type of clothing from casual to formal and it still looks awesome. I am a Jason Bourne fan which was why I bought this watch. While it is expensive, it is definitely wort it. A highly recommendable watch.

This watch model is no longer being made but can be found on eBay or second hand markets.

In the novel Bourne Identity, Jason Bourne also wears a Seiko automatic chronograph watch. Although few details are given about it, it is possible that it was a 6138 or a 6139 based on the time period the book was written.  Here are the details about this watch:

Seiko 6138-0040 Bull Head Vintage Automatic Chronograph

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The 6138 is a Japanese watch produced between 1971 to 1979 under several variations. The watch was dubbed ‘bullhead’ because of its design. It has a stainless steel water resistant case, a brown dial, a Hardlex crystal that is scratch resistant and a non-rotating bezel.

The  6139 was the first automatic chronograph watch in the universe and was released in 1969. The 6139 movement had a number of models such as the 6139-7010 which was mainly a sports watch.

In the 2016 Jason Bourne movie, Jason wears a Tag Heuer which has a black band, a black case and a black dial.