What Sunglasses Does The Military Use?

Sunglasses for military use are important for these reasons: protection against sun rays (which is obvious), ballistic protection that is protection against fragments or dust particles that my injure the eyes and reduce the chances of intimidation by cutting off eye-eye communication.

An effective military pair of sunglasses should provide ballistic protection, have lenses that can be changed depending on the environment, should have a U-shape to ensure maximum protection, should be resistant to breaking and scratching.

Let’s look at the best military sunglasses in the market.

ESS  Cross Series Crossbow 2X Kit 740-0504

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This pair of sunglasses features tri-tech fit black frames for a snug fit, they have a scratch-resistant coating, anti-fog coating, and DedBolt technology for changing lenses. ESS offers about thirteen lenses for this pair of sunglasses.

This pair of sunglasses can be used by the military, hikers, and anyone interested in out of the ordinary eyewear.

I really love these sunglasses because they are durable, scratch resistant and they will stop any fragments that come flying to my face. I strongly recommend this product.

Wiley X Vapor Changeable Lens Ballistic Eyewear

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The Wiley Vapor provides 100% protection from UV rays, has anti-fog and anti-scratch coating has smoke grey lenses, has a contortion-free vision and a comfortable frame made of composite materials. It is also durable and complies with APEL standards.

Revision Military Sawfly Basic Solar

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This kit comes with a solar lens, frame with adaptable arms, a head strap and a microfiber case. The sunglasses are scratch resistant, chemical resistant, have a high impact protection capability, provide contortion-free vision and provide 100% protection against UV rays.

Swiss Eye Raptor Ballistic Sunglasses

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These sunglasses feature polycarbonate lenses that are resistant to breaking, they have anti-fog and anti-scratch coating, comes with a microfiber pouch and clear, orange and tinted lenses. Additionally, it has a great fit and the frame is made of composite materials.

ESS Eyewear Ice 3LS Eyeshield Kit

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These sunglasses feature adjustable arms for a comfortable fit, a high impact protection capability and provides contortion-free vision. Additionally, these sunglasses are frameless hence providing an unlimited field of view.

Ray-Ban RB4115 Sunglasses

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A great pair of sunglasses  that is lightweight, sleek and has a cool matte black finish. It is made of composite materials and a plastic frame.

Wiley X Men’s Sg-1 V-Cut  Adjustable Strap Sunglasses

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This is a non-polarized pair of sunglasses whose frame and lenses are made of composite materials. It has an adjustable strap, a matte black finish, a 100% UV rays protection, anti-fog and anti-break lenses. A recommendable pair of sunglasses.

Oakley Military SI Fuel Cell Sunglasses

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These sunglasses feature high impact resistance, provides 100% UV rays protection, are lightweight and comfortable, are durable, lens made of Plutonite material and the frame is made from O matter material. A recommendable product.