What Sunglasses Does Ray Donovan Wear?

Liev Schreiber plays a fixer in a television show called Ray Donovan which is his name in the series.

Just like many characters that always portray covert operations, Donovan has a style that is well chosen, looks good on him and is absolutely perfect for his character.

When reading up on his style, Sundi Rose-Holt from Indiewire had this to say of Donovan’s style, “Since Ray is a Hollywood fixer, his wardrobe has to be well constructed enough to be taken seriously, but not loud enough to draw attention. This manifests itself in lots of black-on-black, “beautiful pieces that will open doors, and classic masculine silhouettes.” [Christopher] Lawrence (costume designer) likened him to a “shark navigating the waters of Los Angeles, sleek and stealth.”

What a way to describe a character’s wardrobe.

I am more interested in Schreiber’s eyewear in this series. He is seen donning the Randolph Engineering RE Aviators.

The model he wears in this series have bright chrome frames which are easily recognizable thanks to their bayonet temples which are designed to fit comfortably when wearing a headgear.

But let has have an in depth look at these sunglasses.

The company that makes RE aviators was Randolph Engineering which was started in 1972 by Jan Waszkiewicz and Stanley Zaleski who were engineers. At the beginning, RE produced machines and optical tools but late they extended their product range to making eyewear.

They got a contract with the United States Department of Defense to supply eyewear to government agencies and to soldiers. Some of the products they supplied ranged from sunglasses for air force pilots to providing eyewear to submarine staff. In the 1990s, company decided to offer commercial line of eyewear to the public which included sunglasses, shooting eyewear and prescription frames.

Randolph Aviator Square Sunglasses, 55, 23K Gold, Bayonet, Gray Lenses

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Fast forward to our time and people are looking for sunglasses that are comfortable, stylish and durable. How can a military-minded eyewear company provide all of these requirements?

When one opts to purchase these sunglasses, they should put a lot of emphasis on how durable they will, nobody has the time and patience of sunglasses that will break a few days after they have been purchased, hence why military spec sunglasses are the best option.

RE Aviators are able to withstand heavy daily use and provide the wearer with the best clarity and glare reduction.

I purchased my first RE Aviators a few months ago and I am not complaining. Apart from the fact that they are comfortable, stylish and durable, another thing that endeared me to them was that they had ways that they maintained the quality of their sunglasses to the satisfaction of those who wore them.

Randolph Engineering RE Sunglasses

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Below are the six ways they ensure and maintain the quality of their sunglasses:

  • Their sunglasses are made in the United States of America
  • They source most of the materials from the United States
  • They go through a rigorous 200 or more manufacturing process by hand
  • They provide great working conditions for their employees
  • It is a family run business
  • They give a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects

These sunglasses have the following features:

  • Metal frame
  • Glass lens
  • Non-Polarized
  • 98-100% UV protection coating
  • Lens width: 52 millimeters
  • Lens height: 42 millimeters
  • Bridge: 20 millimeters
  • Arm: 140 millimeters
  • 3″ high
  • 3″ wide
Randolph Engineering RE Sunglasses In Various Ranges

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These sunglasses fit and finish are very good thanks to its military specification. The RE aviators do not have any gaps between the individual parts, no sloppy solder joints and they do not wimpy hinges. These tiny but very important things made it clear to me that a lot of care went into making these glasses.

The RE Aviators have polarized glass lenses which are beautiful and scratch resistant, a feature that works well for a character like Donovan who as a fixer might get quite hands on in what he does.

When it comes to the hinges on the RE Aviator, they are quite beefy when compared to other sunglasses brands. They are smooth when operating and they hold tension at any angle, which is especially useful when they get hooked in a shirt collar when one is not wearing them.

Randolph Aviator Square Sunglasses, 55, Matte Chrome, Bayonet, Gray Lenses

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The sunglasses do not chip and peel easily considering that since I bought them and after wearing them almost every day, they still look brand new. Anyone who is close to me knows that clumsiness is my second name. I tend to drop things that are always in my hands and my sunglasses are not spared the onslaught. The RE aviators have survived all of the falls and interestingly enough they have not chipped, peeled or broken. Durable does not even describe them, I love these sunglasses!

Oh yeah, did I mention that the lenses did not scratch? Reading the features of these sunglasses, it turns out the lenses are scratch free.

As mentioned earlier, these sunglasses are made with the military specs in mind, it is no wonder that the sunglasses weigh a little more than the usual lightweight shades. This is because of its robust construction and stout materials that is the polarized glass lenses that are used to make it.

The above factors do not remove the fact that this sunglasses are comfortable to wear. When it comes to how heavy it is, it only applies to the glass lenses. There are other lens materials that are available which are lightweight, one can specifically ask for those lenses.

Randolph Aviator Non Polarized Square Sunglasses

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Apart from its comfort ability, they also have great clarity and glare reduction. By glare reduction, it means that you will be able to see through a windshield or glass window even if the sun is shining on them. The glare on the windshield or glass window would normally hinder bare eyes to see inside the car or through the glass window but with RE Aviators, the glare gets reduced and I am able to see well.

These sunglasses have a classic look to them when it comes to styling them. Seeing that they are quite specific in make and the kind of people who use them, they do not really fall on the trendy wagon but then again they are not outdated thus they can be worn with anything.


From a classic suit to shorts and t-shirts, these sunglasses will still be a perfect finish to your overall look. They also work well in all seasons of the year, the glare from snow get cut down tremendously.

To put it simply, below is what makes me treasure these sunglasses:

  • It has timeless style
  • Its construction is bulletproof
  • Again, the fact that it is made in the United States of America
  • I love its military background

As usual, not everything is perfect. These are the reasons why I sometimes have my doubts with the RE aviators:

  • They are a little heavy because of the glass lenses used. Good thing that there are other lenses that can be used.
  • Due to the lenses, one gets a weird 3D effect when looking at metal surfaces.

All in all, I am a happy camper. The likes outweigh the dislikes.

These are my opinions on the RE aviators but let us see what other wearers have to say about them:

“I purchased these glasses to replace my military issued aviator sunglasses. As a pilot in the Marine Corps in the early 60’s and an airline pilot for 36 years, these glasses provided excellent service. Now that I have received my new Randolph Aviators I have found the perfect replacement and will retire the originals. My Grandson is delighted to receive the old ones. As a prime member I received the package in 2 days. After seeing the new glasses, several of my family members have ordered a pair. Thanks to Randolph Engineering for providing an excellent high quality product.” By JJ Bennett

“My 8 year old Ray Ban Aviators’ arm, that holds the nose pad, broke so after contacting them and sending them the glasses they reassured me they would fix it, for $75.00 dollars. Thanks but no thanks so I read about these Randolph Aviators and ordered them. They are far superior in quality of construction especially the hinges and nose pad arms welds. The arms are not bent but straight with clear rubber padding at the end so if you ride motorcycles, like me, you can put your helmet on without the over-the-ear arms, which the Ray Bans have, digging into your head. The case comes with its’ own tool kit you can attach to your key ring. And had I bought Randolphs instead of Ray Bans they would have repaired the glasses’ solder joint, where it broke off of, for free for the life of the glasses. Great shades and one happy customer.” By TaxFree4

“These glasses are so cool. They make me look like Don Draper, except without the good looks or anything. They are just the glasses that he wore in the show and I’m not ashamed to admit that that was why I bought them. I do look a bit cooler with them on, but I do not look like Don Draper unfortunately.

Also, my wife doesn’t look like Betty.” By N. Bell

“Absolutely great sunglasses. First ordered the 55mm size but had to return them because they were perfect for my wife, not me. Effortless return with Amazon and ordered the 58mm size. Stunning sunglasses, solid feel, excellent workmanship. I have to admit that Ray Donovan turned me onto Randolph Engineering but I am now a fan and will purchase other styles. Nothing but quality here.

Make sure you visit the Randolph website for their sizing guide. I found it after returning the 55mms.” By T. Cornish

“Great Glasses. I’m a professional pilot, and these glasses are the best. If you wear a head seat, the ear pieces allow for the headseat to stay next to your head. The glasses are military grade and are what you get if you sign up for 3 or more years of your life!
Shipping was fast, everything was as promised.” By Jerry White

“These aviator 23K gold filled Randolph sunglasses are of a very high quality. They look and fit great. I also got a really great deal and decided to purchase two pairs. A quality glass case along with a repair kit and soft cleaning cloth is included. I highly recommend them and they really reduce the glare and save your eyes with a soft gray tint!” By Allan Hulme

“WARNING!! .. if u buy a pair of these, be prepared to end up buying at least another pair or two,or three…love these classic style aviators. USA made. impeccable quality, built like a tank, great optics, and despite some saying theyre heavy, well theyre glass lenses. i find them very comfortable. there are other Randolph options that are lighter in weight. normal size heads get the 55mm. i picked up a couple pair recently – gunmetal/agx and gunmetal/tan polarized. the AGX lens is excellent. just a great relaxing view. even though the AGX lens is not polarized, i found them to really cut the glare very well,similar to a polarized lens. the view is nice and sharp. sometimes i worry the bayonet temples will get loose and end up resting on my ears instead of gripping my head. the Tan lens are also very nice. my only complaint with these is that since the lens is nearly flat, you do get some sunlight in your peripheral vision, and with polarized lenses there is a bright blue hue that is noticable when the sun hits it. this is pretty annoying to me and has me almost wanting to return them and just go with the non polarized. there is no blue hue effect with my non polarized AGX lens, but still a bit of sun coming in your peripheral vision at times. thats the only real con to these but i can live with that. overall theyre the best shades ive owned and already trying to decide what frame/lens color combo for my next pair.” By R. Hood

“Really nice pair. This frames are very sturdy.and look very expensive. They are comfortable, too!! My son took them and had his prescription lenses put in and they look fabulous!! Designer look without the the designer price tag!!” By SL