What Sunglasses Does Michael Westen Wear?

My favorite spy television show ended and it felt like I could never get a good fix again. Michael Westen, a character played by Jeffrey Donovan was a blacklisted spy in Burn Notice.

As is always with many spies, he was a stylish and always on point when it came to getting dressed. From the suit to the shoes, he had to fit well with being a spy.

For one, he always had this confidence around him. The way he carried himself purported a man who was self-assured.

Secondly, Westen was always in sharp suits. The suits came in cool neutral colors like grey, light brown and beige. Those suits were Prada and if you want to have that same look, you will have to do a personal call to Prada and ask them for their Spring Summer 2010 collection although grey suits are easy to get out there and should not necessarily be Prada.

The third thing that set Westen apart was the kind of watch he was wearing on the show. He had the Chase Durer Special Forces 1000 UDT which completed his spy look to the tee.

Lastly, it is no secret that a spy has to be in tiptop shape to be able to kick some villain ass. For that to be so, Westen made sure that he was always getting his gym on, getting himself to be lean and taut. Spying, as luxurious as it sounds, also involves running after the bad guys and one needs to be able to do so in a suit and without getting tired quickly.

But all in all, what I would like to look at is his finishing touch, which he always did with the sunglasses he wore.

Westen always had his trusted pair of Oliver Peoples Victory sunglasses on whenever he was gathering information or whooping some villain ass. It was odd seeing him without those sunglasses as they became an extension of Westen.

Michael Westen wearing Oliver Peoples Victory sunglasses

For this show, Victory sunglasses got specially made for Westen and they had polycarbonate safety lenses on them. They are made of titanium and they have golden frames. Westen wears size 55 and his lens color is cognac, the perfect shade for a spy.

Unlike some sunglasses that darken when there is sunlight, these sunglasses do not do so which means they are not photo-sensitive.

The maker of the Victory sunglasses, Oliver People says that the Victory range is a “double-bridge square aviator made from high-quality metal designed with a straight brow bar is a larger version of the Oliver Peoples original classic version. Silicone nose pads and temple tips provide additional comfort and fit. 6-base lens curve and exclusive crown glass Photo-chromic or Polarized lenses with VFX technology provide superior UV protection.”

55mm Burn Notice Sunglasses with Polarized Cognac Lenses

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These sunglasses are everyone’s dream as they come in many colors so one can chose their favorite colors.

Since the last installment of Burn Notice, it is no surprise that they are not being produced, like many fashion items, they come out in ranges and get discontinued. But if you have a real hankering of getting them, just pop into Amazon or follow the links in this page and you will be directed on where to get them.

There are other celebrities who have been seen wearing this sunglasses and they are Tobey Maguire, Jake Gyllenhaal and many others.

Oliver Peoples 1146ST Shaefer Sunglasses 5039/P1 Copper w/ Polarized VFX Lenses

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Below are some for the specs for this sunglasses:

  • Imported
  • Polarized
  • 55mm Cognac Polarized Lenses
  • Gold-plated Metal Frame
  • Spring Hinges
  • Measurements; 55mm lenses, 43mm max height and 143mm (outside temple to outside temple)
  • These Burn Notice® brand sunglasses feature a metal frame with a gold-plated finish, our exclusive .75mm Polarized Cognac Impermex lenses (Impermex lenses are impact, scratch and impact resistant and feature a laminated polarizing process), springs temples (for added comfort) and 100% UV protection.
Oliver People Victory Sunglasses

Here is what other people had to say about the sunglasses:

“Like many others, I bought this based on Michael Westen’s sunglasses from the show “Burn Notice.” They are pretty much the same as the original Oliver Peoples Victory 55. Despite what the product picture seems to show, the frames are gold-colored, just like Michael’s. The 55mm fit my face well, so I’d recommend this size if you have a smaller to medium-sized face. The cognac-colored lenses are amazing in bright sunlight when driving or just walking outside, and you will be able to see clearly without a dark tint.

I highly recommend these shades if you’re a fan of “Burn Notice” or simply want to look stylish. I honestly can’t tell the difference between these and the original Oliver Peoples except for the price tag, which is running for around $1000 on eBay.” By Russell

“I got these sunglasses like everyone else: you wanted to be cool like Michael on Burn Notice. Ok maybe that’s just me.

Anyways, I’ve been really surprised that these sunglasses are actually built well. I’m still careful with them because ya know, at $70 you’re not just throwing them around willy nilly.

In Wisconsin about 1/2 the year is spent with crappy weather. Something about the warm shade you see the world with is really nice; it almost makes you feel like you’re in Miami in the middle of a blizzard.

The shape can also go with multiple looks. I can wear a suit or I can wear shorts and a T-shirt and the glasses still look good. Enough with my love affair with these glasses, but honestly people, I really think you should buy a pair.” By Abe