What Sunglasses Does Horatio Caine Wear?

Horatio Caine is a fictional character in the American TV crime drama series, Criminal Scene Investigation (CSI) Miami.  David Caruso plays the role of Horatio with his first appearance on CSI Miami being on Cross Jurisdiction and the last being Habeas Corpse. CSI Miami was canceled after its tenth episode.

However, CSI Miami was a hit series that gave viewers something exciting to look forward to such as Horatio Caine’s cool sunglasses. This is the pair of sunglasses he wore:

Silhouette TMA Titan Minimal Art 8568 Unisex Sunglasses

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This Austria-made pair of sunglasses featured a rimless frame, Oval shaped lenses, a titanium build, black arms, lenses made of polycarbonate material and green matte tint on the lenses. It is available in a variety of colors. However, this 8568 pair of sunglasses is rare and very expensive.

Though expensive, I really love these Silhouette sunglasses. I am also glad that they are non-polarized, a rare feature to find in sunglasses.

Silhouette 8568/S Men’s Sunglasses

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This pair of sunglasses was released in 2012. It features grey oval-shaped lenses, a rimless frame, black arms, metal frames and lenses made of polycarbonate materials. They provide 100% UV protection. This brand of sunglasses is available in a range of cool colors such as brown and light grey green.