What Sunglasses Does Brad Pitt Wear?

When you mention the name Brad Pitt, a flurry of style choices come to mind as he has gone through so many style incarnations since his youthful trysts in Hollywood. He has gone through so many fashion trends and has had many questionable fashion phases that has been a field day for many-a-fashion-writer but all he has to do is give his mesmerizing smile and all is forgiven.

One very noticeable fashion choice he always makes is his love for sunglasses. For a man who has eyes that will draw in even the coldest of hearts, he always has them hidden behind glasses that are either fashionable or downright gob-smacking.

Brad Pitt looking stylish in sunglasses

I am not going to delve into his past choices, because we all know that mistakes were made and lessons were learned (yes, we mean by you Brad) because why else would he have made quite a turnaround as seen on his latest movies (although he does not really have much control on wardrobe) and on the red carpet or when busy gallivanting around the world with his family.

Some attest his sunglasses taste change and improvement to him being with his now estranged wife Angelina Jolie and I could not agree more.

He was recently seen donning Carrera Hot Aviator sunglasses and kudos for that choice because he looks dashing in them.

Carrera Hot Aviator Sunglasses

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I wanted to have the “feel” of wearing these glasses so I went and got me some and I must tell you, they are quite something. But first, let us have a look at the start of Carrera sunglasses.

Wilhelm Anger founded the Wilhelm Anger Werker Company in 1948 and specialized in making plastic glasses. The notion of plastic glasses, leave alone sunglasses, was an idea that was not embraced by many and Anger was the first to bring it into a feasible thing.

Anger named his sunglasses Carrera, the name of the legendary race car driver who ruled the tracks between 1950 and 1954 and also a burning desire to make sporty eyewear.

Anger ventured into making ski goggles helmets thanks to his close proximity to the Alps. This also pushed him to start designing and making sunglasses for fashion houses and his first range was released in 1966 for Dior.

Carrera Hots Aviator Sunglasses, Gold Mirror

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There has been tremendous changes that have happened with Carrera and it has all watered down to recent times whereby they keep launching new models and styles while still keeping their vintage designs which can fetch quite the buck for those selling to collectors. Designs such as the Carrera Champion, Carrera 6000 and Carrera 6008 are still in circulation and new models and styles such as the Carrera 5003 and the Carrera Hot Aviator Sunglasses, the glasses that are seen hugging the Brad Pitt’s face.

Let us have an in depth look at the Carrera Hot Aviator sunglasses.

They come in the classic aviator style and have thick plastic frames with metal arms that are quite sturdy.

The Hot Aviators are large which makes them not the best choice for those who have small faces. It will pretty much cover up most of your dainty face up, leaving you looking like a goofball. These sunglasses come in one size but you can have them adjusted to your perfect fit.

The Carrera Hot Aviators are not polarized so if you prefer polarized sunglasses you will have to opt for another brand. A fun thing is that they come in 10 different colors that are either muted or quite out there. One can choose to wear black and palladium Carrera sunglasses with azure gradient lenses or you can opt to go wild and get the royal blue and palladium frame with gray gradient lenses.

Carrera Hot/S Adult Aviator Sunglasses – Royal Blue/Palladium/Gray Shaded With Carry Case and Cleaning Cloth

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Now let us look at the Carrera 5003.

It has wide frames that will fit perfectly on one’s head, if not; they can be taken to an optician to adjust them. Sticking to the true Carrera aesthetics, it is made of plastic making it light weight. They are comfortable to wear. They are not bulky and are comfortable to wear when travelling.

The Carrera 5003 have a square-ish look and mix two tones and textures which make them stand out from other sunglasses. Seeing that it comes in so many different tones, for example they come in black, grey, navy, dark green or tortoise shell and red. The textured finish on the temples provides a grip making them perfect for rigorous activities like running and biking.

Carrera CA5003SPS Square Sunglasses

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The sunglasses have good optics that has no distortions and the lenses are not polarized.

To have the best out of your sunglasses, you have to use them just like any other accessories by matching them so that they blend with your whole outfit thus allowing you to maintain your character.

Below are some comments from people who have had the pleasure of owning Carreras:

“Love these from the second i put them on. I could tell the difference to an older pair i been using for quite some time. Says polarized on them but i definitely see a difference with these than my other brand/pair that are not polarized.” By Robert F

“I love Carrera sunglasses, I’ve been using a pair from the early-80s where a piece of trim has fallen off, but they’re still so perfect, I still keep using them and have had strangers stop and tell me how much they love my sunglasses. The top trim piece on these now seem screwed into the plastic so it shouldn’t fall off any more. These are a bit darker than what I had, which I needed because my eyes are getting more sensitive to light, and polarized and UV protection, so they’re perfect. I also bought a 2nd new pair that’s even a bit darker than these, not gradient, for when I need as well. I love Carrera’s style, and now I have 3 pairs to switch to when I need. Be sure you select sunglasses with UV protection and polarized (not all of Carrera’s are from what I can tell), and If you’re careful and keep them scratch-free, these will last forever. Carrera’s style never goes out of fashion.” By Rippler

Super sunglasses, very high quality, air, they almost do not feel on your face, well protected from the sun, they want to wear every day without taking off !!! the only thing I regret is that I did not buy them before!!!” By Aleksandra

“I was actually really excited about getting these glasses, after searching high and low for months for a pair of glasses that sat properly on my round face, i finally came to this pair. The fit is excellent, look is killer, straight brow, gradient lens, nice black/gray frame. The only thing thats keeping me from loving it, is the build quality. For the price point this usually retails for ~$100. It is very poorly built. As soon as you pick it up you can feel the cheap plastic, also feels like it will break very easy compared to the Ray Ban Wayfarers in the same price range. If the plastic was a little more heavier and sturdier I would probably get myself a couple of these glasses.” By Stan

“These glasses are great! Always wanted a pair. I have a slightly rounded face so it’s difficult for me to find glasses that don’t make my face look bigger. I’m a slim guy, but inherited big cheeks. These glasses actually put contour to my face. They are nicely crafted and don’t feel like they can fall apart, unless not properly maintained. Came in a nice little cloth pouch, but was hoping for a more sturdy case for them. I’d deff buy another pair with a different style. Package was delivered on promised date and secured properly inside the shipping box.” By Jonathan Kane Osorio

“Love the sunglasses, but they run kind of small. I do have a large head and I did not know these were women sunglasses until after I had purchased. But Matthew Stafford wears them so therefore they are cool!” Amazon Customer

“Fit perfectly and are so comfortable. Buy these if: You have a normal sized face and nose but need extra width and length because of your actual skull shape. I have a very thin face but still need a wide frame so that the bands don’t squeeze my head and cause a headache.” By Thom

“I bought these as a gift for my boyfriend and he absolutely loved them. They are really great quality and came with a silk bag to put them in. They are mostly opaque.” By Shelby Johns

“Great pair, light weight , feels great on the face.. I have a wide round face they fit perfect. Wish it had a better carrying case.” By Barnard Fleurima