What Shoes should you Wear for Soulcycle?

Soul cycling is an indoor cycling activity with a meditative end goal. Think yoga, but a lot more exciting.

Soul cycle was founded by two fitness enthusiasts: Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutter, who both shared a fun fitness mentality.



Soulcycle has encouraged health fitness as an exciting alternative to traditional exercise.




Soul cycling is intended to invigorate one’s health through  various stimuli of the visual and sound variety as you pedal away to jazzed music and cheer leader instructors.

Soul cycle was founded in 2006 with a single studio before blossoming up to the Hamptons, and most New York neighborhoods.

Known as the hippie fitness revolution, Soul Cycle recently included a mobile app that enables you to keep up with your fellow soul cyclers all over America.

Julie and Elizabeth’s goal is to extend the venture globally. Which according to many is highly likely as the world opens its arms to healthy living while listening to The Weekend in an Instagram worthy gym.

Earlier in the month, a 53 year old woman and avid rider of the Soul Cycle studio in California was found dead (of meningitis) in a Muni Bus. As a result, all 200 attendees of the Soul Cycle class she attended were immediately notified and advised to seek medical health in case of an outbreak. Fortunately the incident was an isolated one according to the Department of Health who then went ahead to grant the studio a clean bill.

Despite shaky, amid mildly horrific beginnings to the year, Soul Cycle still flourishes; and is a hurricane of fun.

So, what shoes to wear? – if you ever decide to pop in that is.



Cycling shoes for in door purposes require additional clips for stability


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My first guess is cycling shoes like these. You will require to purchase SPD clips for balance.

You could as well rent shoes at the studio itself at a fee of 3 dollars per class.