What Shoes Does Stephen Curry Wear?

Stephen Wardell Curry the Second, a member of an NBA family- having former NBA star Dell Curry as patriach and NBA player brother Seth Curry- was named the league’s most valuable player for two consecutive years; between the years of 2015 and 2016.

He has also been estimated to be worth 14 billion dollars due to regular endorsements and contracts.


Stephen Curry was drafted into the NBA in 2009 by the Golden State Warriors and has played for the team since, alongside the likes of star player Kevin Durant who once was quoted saying that it “is Curry’s team”. Which can’t be a long shot considering that Curry has been considered by sources galore as the league’s greatest shooter.

He signed his first shoe contract with Nike, obviously, that lasted close to six years.


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He was then, awhile back, scooped up by Under Armour, after Nike failed, twice, to offer the player a long time deal. Apparently, Nike did not think Curry could sell a signature shoe. A lot has been rumored on this subject, many citing that Nike’s indecision could be affiliated to Curry’s religious game habits. Under his new brand, Curry’s signature shoe features a Bible verse from Philipians stitched on the side.

Despite the doubt that Nike had previously instilled within us regarding Curry’s “marketing skills”, the not so famous brand, Under Armour moved forward to prove the world wrong, by almost instantly releasing a signature shoe under Curry’s name.

The Curry One was released in 2015, and alongside a commercial featuring Hollywood Star Jamie Foxx, shoe sales rocketed.


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Under Armour Curry 1

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Under Armour Men’s Curry 2

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Under Armour, thanks to Stephen Curry, have been doing so well, and have even surpassed shoe brand heads like Nike and Adidas.


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Under Armour Curry 3


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The future seems bright for Under Armour and Stephen Curry…hella bright.