What Shoes Does LeBron James Wear?

“It’s LeBron’s world, and he’s just letting us live it in it.” Is a loosely translated sentiment held by NBA players in the league today. What with the 13 All-Star games he’s killed in and the millions he’s raking in from endorsements, commercials, breathing, LeBron shall forever remain the King of American Basketball. That is, until someone better swoops in.

LeBron at a Cavs game


Till then, he’ll just keep stunting. Kinda. Earlier in the month, LeBron’s team, the Cleveland Cavaliers suffered a devastating loss to the New Orleans Pelicans. On one hand, the game wasn’t so bad considering the Cavs pulled in  124-122 points. The devastating slash suffered part reels in with the fact that the Pelicans loss was their fifth this season.

It’s so bad, even LeBron’s gone off assigning blame. Like the creepy dead girl in every noughties horror movie, the King pointed out the problem children in his team, specifically in management. Sad, right? stuffs face with popcorn

Currently, the only thing going right for the Cavs is LeBron’s shoes.

Nike Air Zoom Generation Retro


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LeBron’s first signature shoe made a major comeback a few days ago.

Preceding the release, LeBron posted an emotional piece on social media:

When I held these shoes for the first time I couldn’t believe I was holding a Nike sneaker with my name on it AND that they’d forever be known as the LeBron’s.? Bronny was a baby. V was still in high school. Mom and I were barely out of the Springhill projects. We only dreamed of days like that and then they became reality. This shoe changed my life, my family’s life, and we’ve been lucky enough to change the lives of people around us. This shoe is for EVERY SINGLE person with a dream and a passion. No matter what your situation is. From the projects to the palace, this shoe is a symbol that you can do anything. FIRE IS BAAAAAACK #AZG #StriveForGreatness? #JustAKidFromAkron?

LeBron signed his first deal with Nike when he was only eighteen years old. At the time, the move was widely criticized. Now though, twelve years later, all those critics are busy wondering where Nike got their crystal ball from. That was a burn, by the way

LeBrons have withstood the test of time to be the highest selling sneakers in the sports industry. And with the recent reveal of the retro line, Nike will only be accruing more bank than before.

Alongside the Air Zoom Generation, LeBron introduced another highly anticipated shoe. It’s good to note that he did so at a losing game.

During a game against the Spurs in Portland, the king debuted the grey Nike LeBron 14 Pe.

Nike LeBron 14 PEs


The 14 PEs were first brought into the spotlight last Christmas. Since then LeBron’s been revealing several colorways of the shoe. Reports from the LeBron Nike camp show that the shoes will be available in stores soon.

Some call it determined concentration, I call it “pissed the hell off” in great kicks


The king would however reclaim his throne in a later game against the Phoenix Suns. LeBron swept through the game with nothing but sheer talent and his signature move- the reverse slamma gamma. Named rightly so as it carries as a slam dunk IED. In fact, it’s said that the 32 year old demigod almost broke a rim during the game. Yeah, that’s all cold ass playa right ther’

At the game, he introduced the red and black colorways for his Nike LeBron Soldier ten.

Nike LeBron Soldier X


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The sneakers were first released last year, and were available in stores in December. However, it is safe to say LeBron’s going to stick to the pe 14s for a while. Call it intuition, or that eerie knowledge associated with one attuned to all things LeBron. Or, you know, you can stick to the fact that the pe14s have received much more publicity the soldier 10s.


Of the 28 signature shoes LeBron Mr Basketball James has gifted our mortal feet over the years, there are three that we’ve all grown to love:


Nike Zoom XI


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Nike Zoom XII


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Nike Zoom XIII


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