What Shoes Does Kyrie Irving Wear?


Kyrie Andrew Irving is an Australian born NBA player. His career began in high school, prompting his whirlwind success in Duke University. Between the years of 2010 and 2011, Irving proved to the world to be a bewilderingly talented young man. In lieu to this he was drafted first pick into the NBA team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. Irving has since learnt to fall in love with the city, of which he boldly declares his own.

Amongst the accolades showered upon the young man include such ad 2012 Rookie if the year, FIBA MVP 2014, 2012 NBA rising star…of which many of his relations are not astounded by considering his biological father was a master at the sport as well, and had even trained under the hall of famer Ricki Pitino.

Compelled by his performance the Cleveland Cavaliers negotiated a 90 million dollar continuance contract; an act that was precedented by LeBron James return to Cleveland.

As a reult of the King’s return, the infamous Big Three of the Cavs was formed. The trio consisted of the king himself, Kevin Love, and the rising star Irving.

The formation of the terrible big three has been attributed to the consecutive wins celebrated by the Cavaliers, plus the impressive steal of the 2016 NBA championship.
Kyrie Irving also stands in the NBA hall of fame as one of the most interesting basketball players in the league.

In a 2012 interview, Irving fessed up on his love for all things musicals (Grease especially). In fact, in high school the big man of basketball had taken part in several musical plays, and even went as far as joining Drama Club at Duke University.

According to him, getting up on stafe in front of a live audience was a fear he continually combated. He seems to be doing alright now, on the big stage.

The young athlete is also deeply fond of musical instruments, and has mastered three so far.; all of which are time and again involved in the making of his music albums.

So to say that Irving has a taste for the colorful and flared is quite glaringly stating the obvious. Kyrie Irving, a hundred percent proud of who he is has never hesitated to implement his fabulous side into his shoe and apparell choices.

The Nike

Nike plays a major role in the American sports industry. Without it, there might not be as much excitement and speculation over league. Okay, perhaps that’s a bit of a stretch, but you get the gist, no?

Within the Nike family, Irving is among the youngest NBA star athletes with a signature. For most of y’all who have not been paying attention, the sig shoe is a really big deal. It’s like having a Ferrari while the rest of your friends drive the latest Mercedes. You all have sweet rides, but yours is so much better. Way way better.

Anyway, Irving’s first shoe was released at a much lower price than his fellow counterparts at the sig shoe counter.

That was then though; now, Kyrie has a line of three shoes under the collection; a collection that is not just growing as the young star boom head to head with some of the biggest names in the league.

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