What Shoes Does Kyle Lowry Wear?

Thirty one year old Kyle Lowry was first drafted into the NBA in 2006. At the time, he was Villanova University’s star athlete before moving forward to play starter for the Memphis Grizzlies.


After a semi successful career with the Grizzlies, Lowry would be traded twice: first to the Houston Rockets in the 08 to 09 season, then to the Toronto Raptors in the 012 to 013 season.

Aside from his less than impressive play in the league, and his recent victimization by a notorious multimillion dollar burglary ring, Kyle Lowry is married to socialite and Real Housewives of Toronto star Ayahna Cornish Lowry.

The pair met in high school and are your run of the mill celebrity ride or die couple.


Kyle and Ayahna met in Cardinal Dougherty’s High School, where both played basketball for the school’s teams. In fact, Ayahna’s basketball career back then was quite impressive by itself, what with two MVPs and a school record of 1782 points. She would then go on to further her skills in college.

However during her junior year she tore her ACL and was unable to continue playing. Critics argue that without the injuries, she would have been sure to play for the WNBA.

Kyle and Adidas

At the beginning of his career with the league, Lowry was naught to be found wearing a pair of Adidas during this game or the other.

The shoes he began his journey in


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He would later change his ways in preference for the Chinese brand Peak.

Peak Sport



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In 2015 as Lowry’s Peak contract expired Adidas began a campaign.

Adidas was to make special player edition sneakers for NBA players.

Amongst the chosen few was Kyle Lowry. His was an entire outfit consisting of a complete apparell and custom made shoes. The shoes he was very particular about as he emphasized that the most important thing to him was stability, especially for a player such as himself who did not tape his ankles or wear two socks for extra support.

Adidas PEs

The result was a breath taking prime knit PE: the Kyle Lowry PE.

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Lowry cares about his shoe strings too, as he explained to the Adidas designers. He prefers stretchy shoe strings that enable him room as he pulls for fit.

Last year, he had the Adidas team inscribe the names of his sons on his shoes- something that he considers to be close to his heart.
The Retro Jordans

During his tenure in 2014 with the Chine company Peak as a team member, Kyle Lowry opted one day to wear the cool grey Jordan Retro 10 in a game against New Orleans.

At the time, there had been considerable controversy around LeBron James who had turned down an opportunity to play in Jordan’s LeBrons but instead wore his Zoom Soldier IX. A shoe that we were all, and still are, swooning for.

Air Jordan Retro 9


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