What Shoes does Kawhi Leonard wear?

Kawhi Anthony Leonard is a California boy who currently plays small forward for the San Antonio Spurs. Picked 5th overall for the 2011 NBA draft, Kawhi is what many in the league call an unexpected star.

Kawhi and Shaq at a conference earlier in the year (left) Kawhi and girlfriend compare hands (right)

Kawhi played for his college team the Aztecs and bolstered them to greatness through precious tournament after tournament wins.

Recently, his coach was quoted saying that he had never expected Kawhi to rise to greatness as he has now. Despite an early draft in 2011, Coach Gregg Popovich admitted to being worrisome over the young player’s ability to keep up with the rest of the league.

And he’s not the only one.

League players such as LeBron have been purportedly quoted expressing their disbelief at the young star’s abilities and quick rising fame.

His unbelievable talent could also be a dollied up affair considering the media’s infatuation with Kawhi. Our Kawhi can do no wrong, it seems as his wins are over popularised whilst his defeats are devastatingly down played. Unlike those of the likes of Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant and other top players, Kawhi is today’s NBA golden boy, and shall for a while be gifted everything that comes with it.

Alongside being an MVP, Kawhi Leonard boasts the biggest hands in the league(just think about that for a moment). He did however injure it a few days ago, and the Spurs all collectively said a prayer for little Kawhi maui (how I wish it had a name).
The Claw

Hs hands are so epuc, they are the logo on the tongue of his player edition shoes.

Early last year, Kawhi was granted a pe shoe from the Jordan Brand. The Air Jordan XXX. Despite the fact that fans, read the entire planet, are wondering when the athlete will finally have his own sig shie, the Air Jordan XXX are selling out pretty fast.

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