What Shoes Does Isaiah Thomas Wear?

Isaiah Jamar Thomas, a player critiqued as the NBA’s “clutch” and “most needed” player, probably due to his versatility, was drafted into the league in 2011 by the Sacramento Kings. A few years later, he was to be traded to the Phoenix Suns, before landing at the Bolton Celtics, which is clearly a lot of trading for a player still finding footing in the league.


He, however, has been doing pretty well for himself. In 2015, Isaiah signed a sneaker deal with the brand shoe giant Nike, before finally getting his own signature shoe, like a respectable NBA player, the Nike Hyperlive.



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NIKE KOBE AD; sneakers he wore when he first signed on to NIKE


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In 2016 he was awarded the title of NBA All Star, a no small fete in itself. Which also reflect in his optimistic and motivational tweets taking rounds on Social Media before and after every game. I, personally, will forever be rooting for this guy.