What Shoes Does Howie Long Wear?

Football sports analyst and announcer Howard Matthew Moses “Howie” Long played for the National Football League. Long was drafted in 1981 after an impressive college career in Villanova.

Howie Long playing for the Raiders back in the day

It was with Villanova in 1980 that he was named MVP ; something that would mark the start of his journey onto the Hall of Fame.

Despite having sons in the NFL not a single one has achieved their father’s previous status in the game.

Kyle, Chris and Howard Long  have however managed to build names for themselves despite constant interference by their father. Howie Long has been famously known to speak up on issues involving his sons.

In fact, earlier last year, Howie Long took to the media to display his displeasure in what he considered a minimum pay cut in regard to his son’s signing with the New England Patriots.

Chris Long signed a deal with the Patriots after his contract with the Rams came to sn enf in 2016. According to critics the defensive player ( who to date had no wins under his belt) was signed on for ad much as he is worth.

Howie Long is also known for his action films in the late eighties to nineties, including the Broken Arrow, Firestorm, Dollar for the Dead, and 3000 miles to Graceland. It is however for his appearance in the extended version of the 1996 classic, That Thing You Do! that he is widely acclaimed for. A movie written and directed by Tom Hanks, Howie plays Tom’s love interest. The movie was re released in 2007, with inclusions of the cut portions and a whole new ending.
The ‘rough and tumble’ player premierd in several movies and Tv commercials after his 13 seasons in the NFL. He however truly blossomed as a sports caster for the television network Fox. And as many men of his generation in that line of wirk especially are known to do lately, Long has been spotted rocking tennus shoes more than a couple of times. This has been related ( though not scientifically, pure spectacle) to his sge and comfort.
The Fox Sports analyst recently struck a deal with the Skechers shoe brand. The brand has designed a shoe specifically for the Hall of Famer’s comfort and fit


Skechers Wide fit ad


The Skechers Wide Fit was created to target large men such as Long, whise feet direly require more room. 


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Long’s ad has accrued positive feedback from critics