What Shoes Does Donald Trump Wear?

Donald John Trump, (aka The Donald, The Corporate American) is an American business man and television personality. The first of his kind (eccentric billionaires) to have snatched the American Presidential seat, and right under a furbished and accomplished politician like Hillary Clinton, Trump is known for his love of the dramatic and flashy.

Donald Trump is a New York native born in 14th June, 1946, to a real estate entrepreneurial father. After graduation from Wharton University, Trump’s father bequeathed upon him the reigns to lead the family owned company, The Trump Organization. With a mind for business, Trump soon begun to deftly expand the company to its current glory.



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His personality can be summed up to The Elton John; big, bigger, and in your face. To accessorize said personality is a much more elaborate costume. Kinda like a villain’s- only, much less cooler.

There’s the hair, the sheddable skin, the winning personality….


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…but for now, we’ll just focus on one item, his shoes.


Shoes, as far as I’ve seen, can be one of the most controversial thing you can wear. As for the guy who basically coined the word, his is a dramatic and swoon-worthy tale. And yes, I’m just talking about his shoes. The “other stuff” could probably fill an old school, hard cover novel.



The Oxfords



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Trump on the Campaign Trail



His shoes earlier last year, while tramping (pun intended) on the Presidential campaign have been considered classy and expensive. As they should, of course, the man is a billionaire. The thing though about these polished oxfords is that they are from his clothing and accessories line, The Trump Collection.

A once revered and prominent selection in the “rich man’s wardrobe needs” has since, thanks to his controversial statements, been sidelined by major retail outlets such as Macy’s, and Canadian shoe line Shoes.com.

Macy’s however, brought forth a statement claiming that their decision to take down the Trump Collection was purely based upon the collective decision to be politically unbiased. They wish to never carry a line by a presidential elect.

Donald Trump then retaliated by bashing the retailer on social media and calling for a public boycott of all Macy’s stores and products.

Macy’s has since been witnessed closing down some of its stores.




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Shoes.com on the other hand have been very clear on the real reason behind their decision. That they just don’t like the current American President.



Ivanka Shoe Line



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Ivanka Shoe Collection



Macy’s and Shoes.com actions have been shadowed by an adamant online protest against all products related to the business mogul. The protest, humorously named as the #GrabYourWallet campaign, has been solely responsible for several social media boycotts over Trump items, including his daughter’s recently released boots from her burgeoning collection, the Ivanka Shoe Line.

The release was faced by her father’s bold critics outlining his below-standard policies portrayed as legitimate purchases on Amazon.

Ivanka has since taken a step back from her company.



Ivanka Trump’s Livi Boot



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New Balance Sneakers

Amidst Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, the sports line giant New Balance made the conscientious decision to endorse the man.




New Balance Men's 623v3 Training Shoe, White/Navy, 10.5 4E US
New Balance Men’s 623v3 Training Shoe


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The move was immediately recended after New Balance customers all over the country put up pictures on social media as they burnt or threw away the shoes. The endorsement was taken as the company’s support for the man’s “acclaimed” comments and policies.

New Balance soon made a statement on twitter that included a more than clear “backsies” from the Trump brand. The company claimed that the only support they gave the man was for his policy against the infamous Trans-Pacific Partnership. The policy, instated by the former American President, Barrack Obama, would impede growth and survival of local American manufacturers as international products flooded the market. (that’s basically all anyone knows about the deal)

On the bright side, the New Balance endorsement was seconded by a white supremacist site, the Daily Stormer, that openly celebrated the move.




Honestly, I don’t know if Trump wears LL Bean shoes. I do however, know that even the whisper of his name associated with any company could be perceived as beyond toxic. Case in point, the LL Bean controversy that saw Linda Bean, the founder’s grand daughter caught in the cross hairs. Apparently, word spread of a Trump campaign donor within the Bean family. Things went up in flames soon after.

After being identified as the “culprit” by the public, #GrabYourWallet protesters immediately turned their efforts toward Linda, riling up the population to boycott LL Bean stores.

In response, Linda Bean called the campaign against her family’s company a menacing form of “bullying” (which it kinda was), and maintained her ground on the donor issue. Yes, she did offer ten thousand dollars toward the presidential campaign. No, she won’t apologize. She is after all a private citizen with the freedom to back whomever she chooses. Her actions however, should not be used against her family and the family business.




Climate X Mens SB31 Waterproof Leather Duck Boot Shoes, Brown, US 10
Climate X Mens SB31 Waterproof Leather Duck Boot Shoes


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Trump Slippers

Last but not least are the “like walking on a cloud” slippers offered at the Trump Hotel. Lavish gifts for your feet, the Trump slippers are accompanied by a lush and comfy bathrobe as you chill in their seven hundred and fifty dollar per night room.

Trump definitely gets up in these as he messes with his toupee.



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