What Shoes Does Chris Paul Wear?

Christopher Emmanuel Paul, the NBA’s golden child for the past six years since his second tier draft in 2005 that saw his partnership with the New Orleans Hornets formed. Before the league, Paul played for his college team, Wake Forest University’s Demon Deacons, and ensured win after win, as he led at the helm. The Demon Deacons’ victories ensured his popularity with the National Basketball Association scouts who marveled at the young man’s precision and speed.


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Paul in a game with the New Orleans Hornets


After his first few years in the NBA playing for the New Orleans Hornets, Chris Paul would soon be traded, as players are known to be. The trade, one of the most expensive ones yet for a player so young, saw him imbued into the Los Angeles Clippers bubble, a team whose reputation was much bigger than the Clipper’s, and a lot more star spangled (much like the American flag, that way).



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Paul with the Clippers



It was with the Clippers that Paul mastered his full potential that to this day escalates beyond any critic’s imagination can bear. The NBA’s newest, and shiniest, acquisition at the time Chris Paul was assigned head of the American National team for the 2008 Olympics. To the roaring approval of many the American team swooped through with the gold, something short of a tear jerker Hollywood movie, with a rookie at the center stage of it all. Paul would than participate in the 2012 Olympics, and is with everything associated with the Chris Paul name, America would once more another victorious win.


The Sneaker Hoarder

Okay, may be not a hoarder per se, but Paul is infamously known for his expansive, and yes impressive, sneaker collection. Living in the mansion he bought from Avril Lavrigne a few years ago, Chris Paul has set aside an entire room designated solely for the enshrinement, and storage of his shoes. A room even his wife thinks is a little too much, and calls it the Fortress.


The collection consists primarily of Jordans… lots and lots of Jordans (one can almost see the love letter written in blood). So intense is his obsession with shoes, and every Jordan known to man- may be even a few we don’t know about- that during his years in Wake Forest University, Paul would wear nothing but Jordans (and the odd Nike; healthy exaggerations and all. I digress) to every game he played for the Demon Deacons. This is all before he got a deal with the brand (someone call a priest, I hear wedding bells).


Fun Fact: Chris Paul has one of the smallest feet in the league, measuring at a lowly 12.5.


In 2006, he finally got signed on with Nike’s Jordan brand, and I can assure you, there was more than a bucket load of tears and snort trailing down his pen. He would only get his signature shoe six years later in 2012.


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The CP3

In September 2012, Nike signed on the burgeoning star into their signature kicks family: the CP3 I. The shoe would then birth a successful thirteen versions.

In an earlier interview, Paul said that in the beginning he had been so star struck with the idea of his own signature shoe that he never dared question the design or add a few suggestions of his own.

Today, however, he finds it a lot easier to work together with Nike’s sneaker scientists to come up with new designs that are best suited for his plays and techniques. In fact, due to his signature move on the court, Paul requested alterations to the shoe to include ridges along the sides for support as he side swept his opponents and dribbled the ball. According to Paul, the first versions of the shoes were solely meant to increase his speed during play. He had since then discovered the value of a supportive shoe on the court that provided a better grip as he ran. Paul was one of the first NBA players to introduce podulon technology for its cushioning assistance.



Paul admits that he quite detests the process of breaking in a shoe, and for the latest version of the CP3, the sneaker has been designed for a comfortable fit on the first try.

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Another quirk that is oh so Chris Paul is the circular logo on the shoe’s side, meant to represent the coliseum in which he met and later proposed to his current wife. He however wanted a sort of saying he had always used growing up playing with his brother inscribed on the back of the shoe. Unfortunately due to legal restrictions, he settled for a logo of himself shooting a hoop.

The shoe has been a blinding success, off and on court, and hopefully, Paul shall never fail us.


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The CP3 branded logo


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