What Shoes Does Benny Rodriguez Wear?

Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez is a fictional character in the nineties classic The Sandlot. He is played by Mike Vitar as younger Benny and Pablo Vitar as older Benny.

The movie recently had a second run in 2005 whereby original actor Mike Vitar played adult Benny “the Jet” Rodriguez.

Earlier cast of the Sandlot



The Sandlot is a nineties young adventure slash underdog movie about nine kids with an inspiring passion for baseball. Created in the era of Home Alone and Baby’s Day Out, the movie struck a chord with a vast majority of the millenial generation (all too old now to start a cool kids clique but still do).

Mike Vitar

As many child stars are beknown for, Mike vanished after the apopletic universal success of the Sandlot (not so much apoplectic for the Sandlot 2 though).

The fact that he has been so under the radar for so many years might be attributed to his career change in 2002 when he became a fire fighter: the sweaty men in yellow variety. Quite a leap from his sneaker wearing character playing days in Hollywood.

Mike Vitar has only peaked his head through the murk with a whole bew trash can of drama.

At a 2015 Halloween Party, Mike Vitar and a couple of friends jumped a year old Asian American as he purportedly handed candy to children. Why did they jump him? Only God knows. But the duo were later released on bail before their charges were dropped.

All about the Benny now

So what is so interesting about Benny Rodriguez’ shoes? He was just a kid after all; fictional or no.

The kid, I mean character, has an entire signature shoe collection in his honor. The original Sandlot PF Flyers.

How many kids do you know with goings on like that, mh?


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The shoes were re released by shoe brand PF Flyers (now owned by New Balance) in 2013.

History behind the shoe entails a lost Babe Ruth autographed baseball, and a kid frighteningly scared of his step dad.

In the Sandlot, the new kid Smalls loses his step dad’s baseball, of which he claims had been signed by a “weird lady called Babe Ruth”. His friends, startled, then set forth to retrieve the precious ball, using all kinds of interesting machinations along the way. Benny all through is wearing his infamous black sneakers (he scales a fence in one of the most epic scenes; you gotta watch).