What Shoes Does Bear Grylls Wear?

The modern day James Bond, but without the cool suit, slash Tarzan without the leather skirt, Bear Grylls is an Irish born reality TV adventurer inclusive of all things grizzly and outdoors.

One of his mantras declares: Don’t listen to the dream stealers, has caught the feels of many an urban man in need of some self reflection and heart to heart with their inner cave men.

image via Beargrylls.com


Bear with me now-pun intended-this is all so much like a movie oh my God:

Before his TV show became a massive international hit, Man vs Wild/ Born Survivor, Grylls began his exhilarating journey as a young boy learning how to climb under the tutelage of his father (plus cool stints in the martial arts family). He then went on and joined the British Special Forces; a la every action flick ever made.

How he moved from “Yes, sir” to “Hi there, I’m Bear Grylls” is what we of the Mystery Van, call a mmyyssstrreeeyy (okay fine, I’ll stop).

One moment he’s dusting up spit-spindled boots in Croatia or wherever, and the next he’s entertaining 1.2 billion viewers all over the world.

If that’s not absolutely bonkers, I don’t know what is

What has really stirred up controversy  around him is the almost cultish following that has been cultivated about him. So much so is his influence that a few years ago, a 29 year old David Austin died after a month alone in the wild as he tried to emulate his icon Bear Grylls.

According to Grylls, the show is not meant to teach you how to survive in the wild forever, but only to help you stay alive long enough to be rescued. Lesson learned.
So what shoes does he wear on his excursions? No Oxfords, we’re sure.

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