What Shoes Does Barrack Obama Wear?


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For the man who’d  been in the Senate only two years and had never been a governor or a general, he believed America was ready for a person of color in the White House — and that he was the herald. In 2008, he proved that his hope and his audacity, to use two of his favorite words, were well placed.

Two successful terms later, the great man has exited office. And as is associated with his legacy he left with a distinguished flourish.

In the hours preceding the end of the Obama administration officials say the government defied Republican opposition and quietly released hundreds of millions of dollars to fund controversial programs.


Amidst the politics, the former President was always certain to present unuppended style, even following the end of the Obama era. Case in point;




1. Stephen Curry

President Barack Obama with Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry in the Oval Office, Feb. 25, 2015. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

To honor Obama, NBA star Stephen Curry and his team of designers at Under Armour worked for months to create two special versions of the Curry 3 sneakers.

The shoes, which won’t be released to the public and were made just for Curry and Obama, are a low-top casual version and a mid-cut pair should he feel the urge to indulge in the sport once againWhite House visit.

In addition to the seal icon, the commemorative navy, white and red Curry 3s also feature Obama’s flowing signature along the bottom of each shoe, seen underneath clear red rubber.

The carbon fiber support pieces on the heel and outsole of the shoe each feature extra detailing as well, with “BACK2BACK” text honoring Obama’s two-term presidency on the bottom, and a subtle star pattern incorporated into the side support pieces inspired by the nation’s flag.

Several metallic gold accents can also be found along the shoe, woven into the mesh upper, on the laces and on the stitched No. 44 on the inside of the tongue.


Under Armour Curry 3


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2. Dexter Fowler


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After making a drop in to the Nike headquarters, Dexter Fowler bestowed a natutal gift.  Fowler, currently a center fielder with the St. Louis Cardinals, was with the Cubs last season.

He’s also an Air Jordan athlete. This gives him incredible access to Jordan Brand sneakers and maybe explains how he was able to secure the special pair of sneakers that he gave Barack Obama.
The kicks were a pair of customized Jordan 11Lab4 shoes, complete with the presidential seal on the tongue of the shoes. The shoes were packaged in a beautiful customized box rather than the ordinary Nike box.

Nike released the Jordan 11Lab4s earlier in the year, and they sell for $250.
The sneakers gifted to President Obama then peaked with a third pair, what with Greats Brand showing their affection with a special 1-of-1 pair of the Royale.

After previously receiving special commemorative sneakers from the likes of Under Armour and Jordan Brand as a gratuitous gesture to his two terms at the helm, former American President got hooked up by Greats, who created the Royale with a black leather upper and presidential seal patches on each tongue.






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