What Shoes Does Lionel Messi Wear?

29-year-old Lionel Andres Messi is a professional footballer who captains Argentina’s national team and plays as a forward for FC Barcelona.

As far as football shoes go, Messi has been the poster boy for Adidas for a couple of years. He has inspired the creation of a range of football boots with the latest being the Messi 16 range. Here is a list of all the shoes he wears:

Adidas f50.9 Tunit Start Kit

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This is a customizable cleat inspired by Lionel Messi. It comes with studs which can be used on hard, soft or firm ground. This shoe has a high durability rate in any weather condition and has a seamless lace that gives an even striking surface. This shoe is also worn by footballers such as Ashley Cole and David Villa.

Adidas Messi 16+ PureAgility In Metallic silver, Black Core And Shock Blue

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This is a boot designed to ensure a win for Messi’s team. It is actually the kind of boot that can be taken out of the box and straight to the field. It is a comfortable boot with a smooth surface to allow proper shooting, control, and passing, has great traction and stability, is lightweight, has two studs at the toes to make turning simple and has a pure-cut inner lacing that allows a prompt change in direction.

Messi has scored in the twenty sixth minute using this boot at a Copa America game against Panama.

Adidas Copa 17.1

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Copa 17.1 is a brother to the 1980s Copa Mundial cleat. It has a compression fit tongue that makes the cleat comfortable, has an upper made of kangaroo leather which is extremely soft and pleasant, is lightweight and has an outsole that gives awesome traction. The cleat is also designed to ensure that one can keep kicking the ball over and over without hurting the foot and that one can play on any type of ground without slipping.

It is worth noting that the kangaroo leather gets softer the more you play. This is certainly the kind of cleat any football player requires.

Adidas Ace 17.1 PrimeKnit

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This is a mid-foot cleat made of controlskin which is thinner than the 16.1 prime-knit. It hugs the foot well making a player feel secure. Additionally, it gives a player a very natural feel when shooting or passing the ball. It has a no-slip traction which makes the cleat really fun to wear.

Adidas X 16+ Purechaos

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Like the 16+ pureagility, this cleat  requires no break-in time. The upper and the vamp have layers therefore removing that barefoot feeling. However, it still gives a player full control of the ball while making it simple to get under the ball. It also has a no-slip traction. Overall, this is a highly recommendable cleat.

Adidas F50 Adizero Football Cleats

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This cleat comes in a variety of colors such as solar red and black, solar red and white and solar gold and black.

These cleats have an awesome length, they are lightweight such that it feels like you are wearing nothing at all and they loosen up with frequent wear. A recommendable cleat.

Adidas Messi 16.1 In Shock Blue, Black Core and Matte Silver

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The boots upper is made of agility knit and it moulds perfectly with the foot to ensure accurate control of the ball. Furthermore, the boot has great traction on firm ground, has a tongue that ensures comfortable lock-in and is lightweight.

Adidas Messi 16.1 Space Dust In Dark Grey, Solar Green and Metallic Silver

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This is a cleat made for the out-of-this-world football player such as Messi who has chosen to wear this over the Messi pureagility 16+. The colors clearly go hand in hand with its name, space dust.

The upper of the cleat is made of agility knit while keeping it lightweight. The knit adjusts to your foot, enlarging or contracting when required. It is pure-cut over the laces to give a natural feeling when kicking the ball.

The outsole, designed with Messi’s help, has triangle and cone-shaped studs to give the player full advantage in the field. The outsole is also extremely light and stable ensuring that a player can maneuver the ball on any surface.

This is definitely the best cleat in the market.