What Shoes Does Lamelo Ball Wear?

Lamelo Ball, the brother to Lonzo Ball, is a talented basketball player from Chino Hills High School California. He plays point guard for the Huskies.

The 15-year-old, like his brother, is destined for greatness. He will be joining Lonzo at UCLA once he graduates.

Adidas Harden Vol. 1

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Lamelo scored 92 points wearing this James Harden shoe in a high school game against Los Osos Grizzlies.

This shoes has great traction, has a lower boost which provides maximum protection to the foot. It is made of knitted mesh with a nylon backing for increased support, a TPU midsole wrap and has a free toe cap. Additionally, this shoe is designed to keep your heel on the footbed hence providing great support and it has a really close fit.

Lamelo wears all three colorways which are made of different materials.

J Wall Prime knit Boost 2.0

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This sneaker features an Aurora Borealis colorway, a blade pattern which provides decent traction, a translucent rubber outsole that makes the shoe non-slip, a prime knit upper, a close fit with the help of laces, a synthetic leather medial, a solid and comfortable toe box, has TPU for support, minimal breathability and a great boost in the heel and midfoot.

Crazylight Boost 2015

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This sneaker features great traction for indoor wear, has both EVA and adiPrene+ cushioning (midsole and center respectively), a prime knit upper with plenty of ventilation, decent fit, has a TPU wrap and a StableFrame for maximum support.

The shoe has a variety of colorways.

Air Jordan 14

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This sneaker has a herringbone pattern that provides good traction both indoors and outdoors. It has a Zoom Air unit cushioning and is made of both leather and nubuck. The sneaker will fit to your size and the TPU plate installed will give you support. Additionally, the ventilation of this sneaker is fairly good.

Nike Foamposite Pro

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This sneaker features Foamposite cushioning, translucent outsoles, a long break-in duration, a leather upper, close fit after it has molded to your foot, minimal ventilation provided for along the tongue and carbon fiber which together with the Foamposite and double midsole gives great support.